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Candy Cane Emergency

Nearly the night before Christmas…Where the Heck are the Candy Canes?

Here in Brooklyn Heights, my little elf and I journeyed hither and yon in search of your basic classic candy cane. You know the one I’m talking about: peppermint, white with red stripes. The Classic, to hang on our tree.

How many drug and grocery/food stores do you think we visited before we found this basic Yule-time staple? One? Three? Guess again.

We found the candy canes in store number NINE! Yes, eight stores, and nary a cane.

1. Duane Reade Drug Store: one box of Skittles brand fruit canes

2. Perlander Natural Foods: no holiday candy (hardly any candy at all, actually, but I was hoping for some “all natural” canes)

3. Key Food: Christmas? Who knew?

4. Sahadi’s Specialty Foods: Beautiful Hammond’s lollipops, but no canes

5. Rite Aid: one box Skittles brand canes, one Lifesavers, all lurid un-Christmasy colors.

6. Rite Aid (another one): large pink and white Barbie cane

7. Garden of Eden (expensive specialty foods): closest they had here was pretzels coated in white chocolate and peppermint crumbs.

8. Duane Reade (another one): a couple of boxes of Skittles brand and one other with green apple and strawberry flavored canes.

9. City Chemist: EUREKA! An independent store with a “old time” candy section, at last we find real Christmas candy canes. We almost missed them, though; they were stashed below some discounted boxes of Christmas cards, not even with the Christmas candy proper. No respect! But at $1.99 per dozen, and 30% off, we are happy.

Is it just that all the candy canes are sold out? Or is the old-fashioned hard peppermint just not hip enough for the Facebook generation? Any theories?



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